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  • Gel Button Maker Pro  51)   Gel Button Maker Pro 1.0
    Finally someone has made a Gel Button Maker for Windows. Make perfect gel, glass, glossy or plastic pill buttons every time with ease in just a few seconds. You don't need to spend hours trying to get a expensive graphics program to make gel buttons.

  • ASP/PHP Web Application Builder  52)   ASP/PHP Web Application Builder 7.01
    Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced users/programmers. With these applications you can add/search/edit/delete data in your web database.

  • FlashSlider  53)   FlashSlider 4.3
    Powerful and easy-to-use slideshow software. Make photo slideshow in flash with music, flash transition effects, captions and preloader. Publish result swf slideshow to the Web. FlashSlider supports all image formats: jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp.

  • Q-NewsTicker  54)   Q-NewsTicker 1.00
    Q-NewsTicker is a professional Flash based, easy to use tool for creating news scrollers for your Web sites.

  • Simpletidy  55)   Simpletidy
    Simpletidy cleans and converts your HTML source to wellformed XHTML 1.0. Simpletidy does the job with the click of a button. Easy and simple to use interface.

  • Pop-Up Menu Creator  56)   Pop-Up Menu Creator 4.6 L.E.
    Pop-Up Menu Creator is a program that lets you easily create DHTML website menus using a WYSIWYG interface. You can customize almost every parameter of the menu and create your own professional looking DHTML menu within a few minutes.

  • 123Forms  57)   123Forms 3.1.7
    Create perfect, professional looking web forms in minutes. Handles validation, totals, conditions, math functions. Use it for order forms, contact forms, expense reports, surveys, reservation forms, application forms. Web form works anywhere.

  • Link Management Assistant  58)   Link Management Assistant 1.20
    The "Link Management Assistant" totally automates your reciprocal link partner management, allowing you to focus entirely on securing more strategic link partners to increase your websites link popularity & search engine rankings.

  • WinXp Style Flash Menu  60)   WinXp Style Flash Menu 1.0.5
    Flash menu. Extension for Dreamweaver,Flash or Standalone(XML). Friendly user interface. Professional design, vector implementation. Scalable, effective, animated. Make your site navigation in minutes. Change default parameters and publish.

  • E-Mage for Web  61)   E-Mage for Web
    A simple utility for creating HTML image galleries from pictures on your computer. Automatically generates thumbnails and places them on html pages by a specified template. Easy-to-use for novices and very flexible in hands of experienced webmasters.

  • 1 2 3 Web Protect  62)   1 2 3 Web Protect 1.8C
    A nifty utility for web developers, to Encrypt, Compress and Protect their Web Documents (asp/php/jsp/vbscript/js/html/). Also design a login screen to authenticate your users. Suited for professional web developers to impress their customers.

  • ChangeSite  63)   ChangeSite 2.5
    Easily make website-wide modifications to your HTML website with ChangeSite. SupportBase.NET software-integrated technical support is available for registered customers.

  • Mihov Active 800x600  64)   Mihov Active 800x600 3.0
    Mihov Active 800x600 is a program for web and software developers. It helps you see how large a program or browser window would be if resized to a screen size of 800 x 600 pixels or any other size.

  • ColorImpact  65)   ColorImpact 2.8.5
    ColorImpact is an award winning tool for creating harmonious color schemes. The program is based on the color wheel developed by master painters of the past. With its intuitive and visual user interface, you can demonstrate color theory in action.

  • Web Cal Plus  66)   Web Cal Plus 2.5.6
    Web Cal Plus is an HTML Calendar Generation system. Simply enter your events and Web Cal Plus will generate the HTML code. Attractive multi-color calendars including 12-month year calendars, single month and daily calendars. Lunar phases.

  • WinXP Style Drop-Down Flash Menu  67)   WinXP Style Drop-Down Flash Menu 1.0.5
    Flash menu. Extension for Dreamweaver,Flash or Standalone(XML). Friendly user interface. Professional design, vector implementation. Scalable, effective, animated. Make your site navigation in minutes. Change default parameters and publish.

  • FormTGP  68)   FormTGP 1.0
    Form-filling gallery submission and doorway building software. Features include: Automatic Category Selection, Mirror Pages Creator, Rules Checking, 600-TGP Database, Database Editor.

  • AeroTags Flash Design  69)   AeroTags Flash Design 1.0
    AeroTags Software offer you original logos and menus made in Macromedia Flash. Your Web sites will look more professional and will be well remembered. Logos and the menu are completely customizable. Logo 2 can even contain your own picture.

  • Thumbs Up Professional v.2.0  70)   Thumbs Up Professional v.2.0

    Online galleries made easy...

    Download now | Tell a friend.
    • ColSel  71)   ColSel 1.05
      ColSel is designed especially for webmasters and programmers, but it can be very useful for ordinary users too. It can help with choosing appropriate colors for your desktop or colors for your favorite program's GUI.

    • DeskNET Command Center  72)   DeskNET Command Center 1.0
      DeskNET provides an exclusive alternative for webmasters and companies to stay in contact with their customers and subscribers and keep them coming back, time and time again.

    • Commerce Unit Creator ASP Edition  73)   Commerce Unit Creator ASP Edition 2.5
      The product allows you to sell online services (e-store ownership) using monthly subscription to customers who want to have E-Shop without having to buy and host scripts needed for that.

    • Ektron CMS400.NET  74)   Ektron CMS400.NET 5.1
      CMS400.NET is a browser-based content management system that allows anyone to manage and publish content or documents to their web site. It includes a Web form wizard, a membership model, auto e-mail alerts, RSS feeds, and search engine optimization.

    • Marbles Shooter  75)   Marbles Shooter 1.0
      Marbles Shooter is a new astonishing game for the puzzle aficionados. With three exciting game modes, great sounds and music, Marbles Shooter is an adventure you may not be able to pull yourself away from.

    • Easy Index Generator  76)   Easy Index Generator 3.0.1
      Creates configurable HTML and HHC files of Contents for any files types, which can be used in CHM (HTMLHelp) and eBooks, as DataCD menu, as sitemap of your website with access to HTML pages, graphics, media files, shared documents, applications etc.

    • TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder  77)   TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder 1.1
      This program is for webmasters who want to increase their productivity when creating TGP galleries and submitting to TGP sites. Creates thumbnail galleries and the correct HTML code.

    • Karamasoft PanelSuite  78)   Karamasoft PanelSuite 2.0
      PanelSuite includes:PanelBuilder: ASP.NET application to design your ASP.NET panel visually, and save as an XML file or into a database. UltimatePanel: ASP.NET server control to generate your ASP.NET panel from an XML file, an XML string or a dataset at run-time.

    • HTML Guard  79)   HTML Guard 3.0.0
      HTML Guard offers easy-to-use copy protection for website content. Among other things, the software can encrypt HTML code, lock the right-click menu, disable text selection, and block the browser's print function.

    • Magic Matching Color  80)   Magic Matching Color 1.1
      Magic Matching Color is a tool for web developers and designers who need help in determining which color scheme to use on their projects. Magic Matching Color helps them by giving six matching colors to any given color.

    • Webpage Guard  81)   Webpage Guard 2.37
      Webpage Guard is a software to protect your web pages and prevent others from viewing and reusing your web page source code, including HTML source code, JavaScript, VBScript, text, links and graphics.

    • Instant Color Picker  82)   Instant Color Picker 1.1
      YS Instant Color Picker is a tool to quickly capture and copy colors. Just press the hotkey while mouse pointer is over a color, it will copy its color code. It can also copy colors as color swatches. It stores captured colors in its color palette.

    • Cromas xml menu  83)   Cromas xml menu 1.0
      Easy to use flash menu, does not require flash to be used, only the "player" plugin that is installed on any web browser, easy to use, just insert the swf file in a web page and edit the xml file that comes with the menu.

    • Secure Image Free  84)   Secure Image Free 2.2
      Copy protect the images on your web site using image encryption and domain lock. Safe from mouse copying, saving and spider grab programs (site downloaders). Only the encrypted images are uploaded, so the images are safe from even the webmaster.

    • CLOX WebMaster - Desktop  85)   CLOX WebMaster - Desktop 1.1
      CLOX WebMaster puts neat analogue or digital clocks on your web site. Shows the time in your choice of different timezones. Blends perfectly with any web page. Version 1.1 is the Windows version. An active server pages version is also available.

    • Recite Spanish Words  86)   Recite Spanish Words Deluxe
      Language learning can be hard work. You need to study hard and practice a lot! However, the right tools, such as our new Recite Spanish words, it can make learning Spanish easier and a lot of FUN too! Our software will help you learn Spanish

    • Browser Spy  87)   Browser Spy
      Browser Spy is a set of two Internet Explorer extensions, Inspector and Source View. Both of these extensions streamline web development by providing access to detailed information about a web page.

    • EZGenerator Website Builder  88)   EZGenerator Website Builder 2.0.59
      EZGenerator Websitebuilder is an easy to use but powerful website building tool that allows you to make your own website & website structure based on graphical templates. All graphical elements & menu structures are automatically generated.

    • Flashation Flash buttons Builder  89)   Flashation Flash buttons Builder 1.32
      Flashation is a Flash button and Flash menu builder. A cool tool to let you create impressive animated Flash web menus and buttons for your website. It's fast and easy to use. No Flash or programming skills are required.

    • Easy Website Photo Gallery  90)   Easy Website Photo Gallery 1.1
      A web album generator, Easy Website Photo Gallery is designed to save time for anyone who wants to upload large numbers of photos to their website, creating professional-looking galleries quickly and easily.

    • Easy Web Editor website creator  91)   Easy Web Editor website creator 2011.25.28
      With this professional Web site creator program you can create your own personal / business Website with ease... Everything you need, no HTML required. Visual WYSIWYG, it makes it handy the long term site update / management, not just the startup.

    • SJ Namo WebEditor  92)   SJ Namo WebEditor 6.0
      WebEditor 6 Suite is the visual Web authoring software that delivers the complete set of tools you need to get cutting-edge websites up and running in less time and with great results.

    • CoffeeCup Wireless Web Builder  93)   CoffeeCup Wireless Web Builder 3.3
      Criline Search and Replace is the program for a search and replacement in the required amount of files with the help of just a few clicks. Criline Search and Replace works equally well with any types of files and support regular expressions.

    • Starships Unlimited  94)   Starships Unlimited Deluxe
      Starships Unlimited is a fast-paced game of space exploration and galactic warfare. The demo limits play to one replayable game (small galaxy, one opponent, limited tech tree) of 500 years

    • Any FLV Player  95)   Any FLV Player 2.5.1
      Any FLV Player is a web video player to play FLV (Flash for Video) files. With Any FLV Player, you can easily play your FLV videos as it doesn't require the complicated Flash authoring tool and Flash development tools. FlV encoder also included

    • Fun SoundPlayer Maker  96)   Fun SoundPlayer Maker 2.3
      Create flash sound players and buttons and publish them to your websites. Stream online radio, embedded and external music or voice messages. SWFObject 2.0 is included to remove “Click to activate” requirement of Internet Explorer.

    • Hunter HTML Optimizer  97)   Hunter HTML Optimizer 1.0
      Hunter HTML Optimizer is a HTML compression utility which can speed up your website performance but still can retain your source's readability. It is the best companion for Microsoft Front Page editor.

    • OneWorldStore  98)   OneWorldStore 1.030
      OneWorldStore™ is a free complete, template-based easy-to-use ecommerce solution. Complete eCommerce - SOHO to Enterprise and beyond. Enhanced Security, Customer Convenience, The Best Administration! Payment Gateways, real-time shipping

    • dtSearch Web with Spider single-server  99)   dtSearch Web with Spider single-server 7.10
      Publishes content to a Web site for "blazing speeds" (CRN Test Center) searching. Over a dozen indexed & fielded data search options. Highlights hits in HTML, XML & PDF, while displaying links and images. Built-in HTML converters. Web Spider.

      Want to convert a typical 500k HTML file to a 6k HTML file, with the same functionality, while protecting your web art work and contents from thieves?

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